Why use a well-trained trainer?


    A well-trained trainer can make all the difference in getting the best results in the least time.

    More than ever, our digital world is overpopulated with amateurs…self-anointed experts who think their opinions are actual, factual science. It’s certainly true for fitness and (especially!) nutrition.

   So it’s more important than ever to filter out the knowledge from the noise.

Expertise—knowing what really works—shows up in many skills, including:

A well-trained trainer preparing a plan and doing research
  • Knowing that while a particular exercise may appear simple, the human body is complicated and even that simple move requires doing it right for maximum benefit
  • Knowing when to push and when to ease off
  • Knowing when to continue working a muscle group for best results and when to move on because that  group is done and it’s time to work on another
  • Knowing how to create combinations of movements and exercises to build not only strength but also coordination, balance and flexibility.
  • Knowing that it’s not just about more (weight, reps, time), it’s also about combinations, sequences, rest periods and variations
  • Knowing the whole process, not just one piece, including the need to keep changing the program, both for full body development and so it doesn’t get boring
  • Understanding that motivation and commitment—not just individual exercises—are  essential to getting fitness done

How can you identify a well-trained trainer?

   First, look at their own training. Have they made the commitment to study the science in formal courses of training? Have they submitted themselves to testing and certification by independent authorities?

   Beyond certifications, what does a well-trained trainer talk about and focus on? One of the best clues is a focus on learning and adapting as the science changes and advances. Fitness science, like all other sciences, always changes and advances. The best-trained trainers advance their own training, and never claim to know it all, once and for all.

Well-trained trainer doesn't fall for, or recommend, fads in exercise or nutrition
Well-trained trainers train with, and are certified by, the National Academy of Sports Medicine
Well-trained trainers who provide nutrition programs train with, and are certified by, Precision Nutrition
Certified Strength Coach, National Council on Strength and Fitness

   Amateurs may swear by a favorite—fad—exercise, as the secret express lane to full body fitness or weight loss. But the well-trained trainer doesn’t start with the exercise, but with the person…identifying current fitness levels, limitations or injuries and personal fitness goals. The exercises that fit the unique personal situation only come after that, and there is no one exercise or nutrition fad that’s the magic answer.

Want to know more?

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