Why truly personal training truly works best

More choices than ever

    Truly personal training is the only way to fit training to an individual. It’s said that no two people are completely alike, and when it comes to fitness and movement, it’s especially true.

    While the promise of easy no-cost at-home fitness has been around for a hundred years (Charles Atlas started in 1922), the Internet now brings you more promises than ever to get in shape quickly, easily and cheaply.

    Automation. Algorithms. Recordings. Apps. eBooks. Thousands of home workouts. All these on top of the traditional way of joining a gym and trying out their equipment.

    Some questionnaires claim to be “algorithms” promising “personalization.” But they’re not that sophisticated, and lead to pre-packaged recordings. From their side, it’s about large scale at small cost.

Truly personal training was never the reality when Charles Atlas began advertising in magazines and comic books in 1922
Mac gambles a stamp and a dime

Real personal training

    So those who look for real fitness results from the time, energy and money they invest usually wind up working with a real personal trainer. Some do it just for a while, to learn what to do and how to stay safe. Others do it for years, for the convenience of an expert to do planning, monitor progress, correct problems and pave the way for bigger advancements than they can get working on their own.

Why is truly personal better?

    Why does truly personal training truly work best?

    Obviously, prepackaged programs can’t be “personal” because they can’t figure out your current fitness level and issues, understand the equipment you do or don’t have, adapt to you as you change, adapt to and prevent injury, or understand the things that matter to you. Try as they will, the apps haven’t caught on, because they don’t really work that well in practice.

    Only live personal contact, conversation and practice can do all these things that are essential to the best, safest, most effective and most successful fitness advancement.

    And impersonal prepackaged programs can’t provide the two secrets of getting fitness done. Only a person can do that.

Faster, too

    Add to that the time you save with online personal training—both the hours working out and the months spent doing it—and truly personal training shows more success faster than using one-sided pre-recorded programs designed for everyone. Those are always cheaper, of course—Charles Atlas said “free” even though it wasn’t—but your investment of time and effort isn’t free, and winding up with little to show for it is the worst return on your investment.

    Simple as it sounds, personal training really does need to be personal.

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