Video Gallery (“Shorts”)

Boat Pose Twist
Side Plank Leg Abduction
Chin Tuck & Lift / Corrective Exercise
Clean & Jerk Olympic Weightlifting
Full Body Exercise: The Burpee
Strengthen Your Core
Stretching the Neck
Burpee Variation
Hollow Holds
Jump Lunge Rotation
Alternating Rear Lunge
Dead Bug Anti-Rotation
External Rotator Cuff Extension
Forward Lunge Bicep Curl
Banded Low Row RDL
Elbow Plank Series
Elevated External Hip Rotation
Forward Lunge Overhead Press
Hinged Low Row to Reverse Fly
Resistance Band Row Split Stance
3 Plane Hip Flexor Stretch
Lunges for Beginners
Shoulder Strengthening with Resistance Band
Towel Row
Single Arm Banded Row
Quadruped Thruster
Plyo Depth Pushup