Secrets for getting fitness done

Getting on the list

Getting fitness done starts with getting in on the list

   Getting fitness done…that’s always the core challenge.

   It’s classic: postponing just a little until the mood strikes, then just a little more, then it all adds up to a lot of postponing. It gets harder and harder to get started. So it starts and stops, or maybe never really starts at all.

    Fitness is near the top of the list of things we want to do, know we ought to do, but wind up not doing.

    How do you defeat procrastination, the biggest in-the-moment temptation that prevents getting fitness done?

Two simple secrets

    The two simple not-so-secret secrets are motivation and commitment.

    You may have the motivation—the good intent—but it can fade easily if you don’t have a specific timing and a specific plan that’s clear and effective. That’s why doing “something, sometime” so often drifts into doing “nothing, never.”

    That’s where commitment comes in…commitment to a time and a plan. A clear deadline and a clear set of the right things to do.

    Commitment is strongest when it’s mutual commitment…having someone to do it with. That creates accountability, if only the accountability of showing up. If that someone brings the specific things to do, the pieces are all in place to go from “nothing, never” to “exactly this, exactly now.”

Getting fitness done by a man trying to get motivated

Where a trainer fits in

    A properly designed training program with a properly trained trainer addresses both commitment and motivation.

    Commitment comes from the accountability of scheduled times and mutual personal responsibility, yours to show up and the trainer’s to come prepared. Motivation comes from having that professional training plan, from seeing real progress over time, and from learning why what you’re doing works.

    Better fitness, movement, health and more active life are benefits you already know you can get. Adding in these not-so-secret secrets of motivation and commitment can move you from good intentions to good actions that actually get the job done.

Want to know more?

    Want to dig deeper into the cure for procrastination? One quick way to is to get in touch to talk or have a free initial consultation and fitness assessment. There may be other fitness secrets you’ll discover along the way!