More fitness in less time

The two types of time

   The time you devote to accomplishing your fitness goals comes in two sizes: clock time and calendar time.

   Ever tried working out and find a lot of time is wasted getting to and from the gym, figuring out what to do next, waiting in line for a weight machine? Not the best use of clock time.

   Ever done the same exercise for months and months, only to find that nothing has really changed, especially in the rest of your body? Not the best use of calendar time.

  For reaching your fitness goals, you’ll make the most of both clock and calendar time by working with a well-trained trainer, especially online. How does that work?

First, there’s the plan

   You don’t need to figure out for yourself what to do for each workout. Your trainer comes prepared with a scientific, customized, written plan, some of which you can do in advance on your own. You move from exercise to exercise, including the essential timed rest periods, quickly and without confusion. More workout for the same clock time. By the end of the session, more quality work has been done.

   Beyond that, it’s a plan that goes beyond any one workout to optimize all sessions over time. A plan that builds on where you are, adapts to how you’re doing and changes as you progress. So you see more progress—flexibility, strength, movement—in the same calendar time. By the end of the year, more results have been achieved.

More fitness in less time, the trainer comes prepared with a plan that can be done efficiently

Then there’s the travel (none)

More fitness in less time because you don't have to get to and from the gym, cars in traffic
Photo by Musa Haef on Unsplash

   Training online, there’s no travel, no traffic, no transit schedule, no parking hassle. You go from home to gym in seconds and back home in seconds. For most people, this cuts the time in half.

And the distractions (none)

   No crowds, no noise, no TVs, nobody dropping weights, nobody looking at you, no looking at anyone else. More focused; just you and your trainer, doing the work without other people around.

And the waiting (none)

   No waiting on others for equipment because it’s your equipment, or no equipment at all. Just move along smoothly and quickly from one exercise to the nest, getting the most benefit in the least time.

Don't need to cope with the distractions of a gym with a lot of people, or waiting for equipment

… all add up to getting more done in less time

   It all adds up to more workout in less clock time and faster achievement of your personal goals in less calendar time. If you’re pressed for time, or just impatient with wasting time, online personal training is the best thing to come along in the past few years.

Why wait to save time?

   Ready to get moving? First quick, easy step is to get in touch to talk about it, maybe do a free consultation and personal fitness assessment if you like (no obligation, of course). We can do that, and even get you started on a program, in a matter of days, if you’re in a hurry to get started and to stop wasting time. So click the button and let’s get going!