How online training can be better than at the gym

As good, or even better?

    At first the question was “how can online personal training be as good as going to the gym for training?” But we discovered that online can work better than the gym.

Necessity, the mother of invention

    When the pandemic hit, personal training at gyms suddenly wasn’t an option. And just like we all did with other uses of online videoconferencing, we started improvising with working out online as well. Turned out it brought some real and permanent advantages over going to the gym for training.

Not going to the gym

    The most obvious advantages are those that came simply from not having to go to–and from–the gym. Half an hour each way wasn’t uncommon, doubling the time commitment per session. Add parking or transit and it’s cost as well as time. Suiting up before training and getting dressed after just seem way faster at home, and taking a shower if you want to, no comparison.

    Then there’s the scheduling. Your time, your trainer’s time and the gym’s (hopefully uncrowded) time. Traffic problems for you or your trainer, another time waster.

Photo by Musa Haef on Unsplash

Being at the gym

    There are also disadvantages at the gym once you’re there and training. No privacy. Distractions watching others. Distraction being watched by others. Waiting on equipment. Hard to focus on your training, getting the most out of your investment in time and money.


    Of course, the gym has lots of equipment, but equipment is the least of your worries. Online training can work with whatever equipment you have or want to get, or without equipment at all. It’s not about equipment, it’s about you.


    Since many of us are still limiting our exposure to indoor crowds, online personal training reduces time indoors with crowds of (heavy breathing) strangers. Save your social time for going out with friends.

For the win

    So, online can be better than the gym, when your trainer comes to you in your own quiet, private “gym,” saving time (as much as half) and getting more workout with tighter focus on your personal training. Ready to find out more about bringing the better gym to you? Let’s talk, do a free initial consultation and fitness assessment (no obligation, of course), and then you can decide!