Correcting the physical effects of the digital age

The disease of our times

    The physical effects of the digital age start with hunching over for long periods of time. It’s the epidemic of our times. Working at a computer, surfing on a tablet or smartphone for hours a day is a common part of daily life.

   These daily habits are not just about being sedentary (Is Sitting the New Smoking?), there’s the rounded shoulders, compression of the neck and lower back pains. There can also be increased curvature or swelling on the back of the neck (the “tech neck” or “dowager’s hump,” technically called kyphyosis).

   This creates a whole new set of problems–and a whole new set of solutions–that properly designed fitness and movement training can address. With personal training online, the causes of these problems—computers and the Internet—can now be part of the solution to them.

For today…and tomorrow

Physical effects of the digital age: back of the neck
Photo by Andrea Boschini on Unsplash

   Proper personal training is an investment in both your current well-being and your career, both in the short term and in the long term.

   Personal training online addresses many of the hurdles–time, expertise, commitment, planning–to getting fitness done well and correcting the negative physical effects of the digital age.

   This not only clears up the problems for now, but also extends your active, productive and healthy years as you look further into the future.

Want to know more?

   If you’d like to find out more about the physical effects of the digital age, and what you can do about them, get in touch and let’s talk.